omlox – the Answer to Interoperability

Introduction The need for an efficient and holistic approach throughout entire supply chains has become increasingly integral. Adopting a holistic approach to supply chain management is essential to the success of many companies, as it will ultimately enhance visibility, improve operational efficiencies, and provide a clear roadmap to revenue protection. Companies can no longer afford […]

Holistic Traffic Management with the DeepHub®

Image Displaying AGVs

Introduction The pursuit of automation in intralogistics is paramount for many large corporations. This has become increasingly evident over the past 18 months, as COVID-19 has shed light on the need for resilient, flexible, and modular production processes. In the initial months of the pandemic, many workers across the globe were mandated to stay home […]

How to Reduce Costs & Complexity with a Supply Chain Control Tower

Isometric graphic illustrating logistics and supply chain.

Introduction Logisticians are continually seeking to adopt digital platforms that can locate assets along their supply chains and provide insightful data and metrics, such as expected time of arrival, disruption reports, etc. This can be achieved with a Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT). A SCCT is a stand-alone solution to achieve end-to-end visibility of supply […]

Showcasing the Premier omlox™ Middleware – the DeepHub®

Graphic of the DeepHub as a central unit.

Introduction The accelerated advancement of digitization is impacting many industries. Increasingly complex global supply chains have revealed that companies are turning to real-time tracking solutions in order to ensure transparency throughout their entire chain of processes. The variety of components is diverse, and ultra-precise management of assets is a fundamental challenge that companies are continually […]

How UWB is Revolutionizing Industry 4.0 and Beyond

Picture of a smart factory with connected technologies.

Introduction Futurists, technology investors, and modern organizations are working together to define how the future will look. New technologies are continuously emerging, leading to rapid change for customers and use cases. This phenomenon is particularly relevant with tracking of assets in industrial environments, where extremely precise localization is required in order to maximize efficiency. There […]

Location Matters – How we Co-Initiated and Contribute to omlox™

Our Roots Our story begins before the emergence of smartphones, mobile applications, online mapping, and navigation services. In 1998, the European Media Lab was founded by Klaus Tschira (a co-founder of SAP). The EML was a R&D facility that sought to research and analyze how people could use digital means in their daily lives, and […]

The Heart of Agile in the Heart of Heidelberg Mobil


There is a lot of hype around “agile” and “scrum”. Everybody talks about them in the context of product development, and particularly in the context of software development. Let me take you on a journey to illustrate why agile is much more than just a buzzword for us, what agile is all about, and how […]

Combining GPS and RFID to Streamline Asset Tracking and Tracing

Forklift loader blog post

Introduction Location data is the new gold in the digital age of information. With the inception of Industry 4.0 in supply chain and logistics, it has become increasingly imperative for logisticians to have a clear and reliable overview of material flow throughout the entire range of operations. Having a dynamic database for the location of […]