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By eliminating the need to deal with many isolated proprietary solutions, the Deep Hub significantly streamlines the integration of RTLS solutions into existing applications. The Deep Hub shines in a wide variety of verticals, such as smart factories, supply chain, logistics, lean production and many more.

Being a core founding member of the omlox™ standard, we have worked and collaborated closely with partners from a variety of fields to define and implement exciting new use cases. The interoperability of the Deep Hub complements digital transformation strategies, offering clients a “One Stop Shop” solution in the framework of RTLS solutions.

omlox™ is an open and rapidly growing ecosystem with over 100 international partners from a variety of technical backgrounds, such as software solutions, tracking & positioning, industry automation, hardware & devices, robotics, consulting, and system integration.

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Capitalize on the Benefits


Integration Costs

The unification of location technologies enables the use of existing infrastructures with a lower cost of ownership.
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Use Cases

The Deep Hub enables the
creation and implementation of
new and innovative use cases.


Customer Market

The interoperability of the Deep Hub enables forward and backward compatibility and broader market penetration.


Digitalization Portfolio​

The Deep Hub enables the enhancement of existing digitalization strategies and
product portfolios.



The Deep Hub unifies all
standard positioning technologies
via a single API.


Vendor Lock-In

The Deep Hub eliminates the dependency on proprietary solutions and vendors.
Graphic illustrating the Deep Hub at the center of different technologies, such as computing, automation, databases, devices, machines, etc.

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