DeepHub® Partner Ecosystem

Your Fastlane to omlox Readiness

As a core founding member of the omlox standard, we developed the premier omlox-compliant middleware which acts as the core of any omlox solution.

Our vendor-independent middleware enables our partners to integrate and combine every locating technology, allowing for the creation of new digital business models and a competitive advantage by harnessing the full potential of location data.

The DeepHub is widely adopted and utilized by partners from a multitude of specialties, offering unique benefits for each.

System Integrators

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The interoperability of the DeepHub complements digital transformation strategies for our integration partners, offering their clients a “One Stop Shop” for RTLS solutions.

Solution Providers

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Our solution partners capitalize on the flexible integration and reduced development efforts required with the DeepHub, while benefiting from the standardized interfaces and open ecosystem of omlox.

Hardware Providers

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Locating technologies and sensors have unique purposes, use case focuses, and levels of spatial precision. We are the catalyst for our partners and their hardware products to become omlox-ready – enabling a much more streamlined integration of their products into IoT solutions across technologies, networks, and locations.

RnD & Affiliations

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These institutes and foundations support the DeepHub, thereby spearheading the widespread adoption and integration of the omlox standard. The DeepHub enables these organizations to develop and expand their use case possibilities.

Technology Foundation

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Partnerships with these organizations help us put the power of the DeepHub where the rubber hits the road.

Capitalize on the Benefits

Lower Integration Costs

The unification of location technologies enables the use of existing infrastructures with a lower cost of ownership.

Extend Use Cases

The DeepHub enables the
creation and implementation of
new and innovative use cases.

Broaden Customer Market

The interoperability of the DeepHub enables forward and backward compatibility and broader market penetration.

Expand Digitalization Portfolio​

The DeepHub enables the enhancement of existing digitalization strategies and
product portfolios.

Unify Positioning

The DeepHub unifies all
standard positioning technologies
via a single API.

Eliminate Vendor Lock-In

The DeepHub eliminates the dependency on proprietary solutions and vendors.

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Join the omlox revolution and become part of an ecosystem free from barriers.

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