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Enable true interoperability of your IoT solutions with our DeepHub® and its power 
to unify all location data. The DeepHub will streamline your integration of RTLS
solutions and significantly lower total cost of ownership.


Real-time tracking solutions have become a focal point of today’s logistics and manufacturing industries on their journey to digitalization and Industry 4.0. All locating technologies, such as GPS, UWB, BLE, Wi-Fi, RFID, and 5G have unique purposes, use case focuses, and levels of spatial precision. Combining these is the major enabler for true added-value and advanced RTLS solutions.

Hardware and software interfaces are often proprietary, making interoperability an unsatisfied market need. We want to remove cross-integration limitations, prevent you from getting locked-in with vendors, and eliminate inefficiencies.

Isometric graphic illustrating a facility's supply chain with various processes, positioning technologies, etc.


The DeepHub is a middleware that allows you to manage and integrate all positioning technologies, streamlining even the most complex use case scenarios, such as:

  • Asset tracking
  • Human-centric navigation
  • Social distancing
  • AGV navigation and management
  • Job scheduling
  • Shop floor security
  • Collision Control

The DeepHub is lightweight and excels in a wide range of environments, ranging from small edge devices to cascading cloud services. Fundamentally, it translates location data from different local coordinate systems into geographical coordinates.

The DeepHub allows you to organize assets within indoor and outdoor facilities by managing zones, geo-fences, and trackables. This significantly streamlines the integration of RTLS solutions into IoT applications, such as WMS, MES, PPS, ERP.

Graphic illustrating the Deep Hub as the middleware between industrial applications and positioning technologies.


We, Heidelberg Mobil International, are an integral part of a global industry consortium that launched omlox™ in 2020 – the world’s first open locating standard.

omlox enables the interoperability of all positioning technologies through a single API, allowing for the cross-integration of hardware and software components from any vendor.

As a key founding member of the omlox standard, we developed the premier middleware – the DeepHub – that allows you to harness the full potential of the omlox standard.

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