Holistic Traffic Management with the DeepHub®

Image Displaying AGVs

Introduction The pursuit of automation in intralogistics is paramount for many large corporations. This has become increasingly evident over the past 18 months, as COVID-19 has shed light on the need for resilient, flexible, and modular production processes. In the initial months of the pandemic, many workers across the globe were mandated to stay home […]

Showcasing the Premier omlox™ Middleware – the DeepHub®

Graphic of the DeepHub as a central unit.

Introduction The accelerated advancement of digitization is impacting many industries. Increasingly complex global supply chains have revealed that companies are turning to real-time tracking solutions in order to ensure transparency throughout their entire chain of processes. The variety of components is diverse, and ultra-precise management of assets is a fundamental challenge that companies are continually […]

Combining GPS and RFID to Streamline Asset Tracking and Tracing

Forklift loader blog post

Introduction Location data is the new gold in the digital age of information. With the inception of Industry 4.0 in supply chain and logistics, it has become increasingly imperative for logisticians to have a clear and reliable overview of material flow throughout the entire range of operations. Having a dynamic database for the location of […]