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The question of WHERE has been in our DNA since 1998. We are passionate about positioning systems, geoinformatics and any kind of location-based services that transform location data into added value for users.

We originated as a research group in a prestigious, privately-owned research institute in Heidelberg – the European Media Lab. We were able to use the famous German city and its millions of annual visitors as a basis for location-based research – during the inception of mobile solutions and AI-driven applications.

We developed the first mobile city portal – making us the only company besides Google to provide infrastructure, technology and content from a single source – thus delivering a comprehensive orientation solution.

Science and research are at the heart of what we do and form an important part of our day-to-day work. Our engagement in research projects, networks and international academic exchange enables us to actively drive new developments in the fields of spatial analytics, location services and human-computer interaction.
Historically, the integration of different indoor positioning technologies proved to be a cumbersome requirement. This led us to become a founding member of omlox™ – the world’s first open locating standard for industrial applications. Alongside a core group of partners, we pioneered the first industrial-grade software middleware that unifies all location technologies.

We strive to provide ubiquitous access to location data and enable meaningful location-based services. After all, in today’s dynamically connected world, seamless navigation and efficient utilization of assets and resources are critical, particularly in the context of the digital revolution.

From Heidelberg to the world. Our customers and partners are just as international as our team, which works to promote global mobility not only in Heidelberg, but also out of Vancouver (Canada).

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